Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Family Time

I love this house which has nothing to do with anything. I just love it!
The sun was shining which is rare lately so we decided to stop at a nearby cemetary and water some of the flowers.
I was impressed with the amount of water that Taimi could carry. She loved filling up her canister at the spout and watering the beautiful flowers.
She is Miss. Independent which is hard to get used to so no matter how difficult the challenge or heavy the canister she had to do it on her own. 

Like most everything else Taimi got pretty bored after 3 trips to the spout so we headed home to bake sugar cookies. She looses interest so fast. However it's been getting better since she started school.
Look at Chris color blocking. He is getting so good at it too. I love his new need for color and his ability and courage to mix them together. Way to go honey!

I am a little bit amazed by the mess we made. But Taimi loved it and participated fully and when that happenes it's quite the success.
The bigger mess the better they taste I always say :) no not really but I will from now on as long as Taimi is in the kitchen with me.
Taimi is on vacation for 2 weeks. I am not sure what the vacation is for, I am assuming to celebrate fall. Even though there are not really any signs of the beautiful season despite the crisp cold air. Oh colorful leaves how I miss your beauty.
She also gets 2 weeks off for Christmas 2 weeks off for winter and 2 weeks off for spring.
Sheesh I would have loved all that time off.
We are moving on Friday. I can't wait to post where but I will...wait that is...until Friday.
I am 24 weeks pregnant. The baby moves more than I remember Taimi moving. It's more like she bangs her head on my belly punches me and kicks my belly all at the same time. It's very purplexing. She has a lot of energy something I have been lacking lately.
I am getting bigger and feeling huge.
We will be going trick-or-treating tomorrow with some french friends of ours.
 It's always interesting to see a different country try to celebrate a holiday that is not theirs. I will let you know how it goes.

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