Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It was no accident

It was no accident that Monday July 8th was full of really very bad news and perhaps the most peace and comfort I have ever felt in my 29 years of life.
It was no accident all of Chris's plans fell through. It was no accident Chris felt prompted to get off work. It was no accident that from a multiple turn of events we kept being stalled even though we tried to leave the hospital by 7pm. There were about 50 things that happened on purpose that led up to a single moment that changed everything.

Rewind to 2006 I was in Ohio. Chris was in Oregon. We were both serving full time missions for the LDS church. A General Authority Elder Kikuchi of the 70 visited us in Ohio (meaning he is a leader in my church) It was amazing He changed my life. I have always since then longed to see him and meet him again. And there he was at about 8:07pm walking into Primary  Children's hospital at the precise moment I needed to get a bandaid from the security desk for little Taimi's finger he was there to get a visitors badge.

I approached him. He was so welcoming and kind. After learning our reasons for being in the hospital. And how I came to know him Elder Kikuchi immediately asked if he could give Zuzu a blessing. YES!!! I nearly jumped at the chance...literally. It was so fun riding the elevator with Him talking with Him. 

The blessing was the most powerful and sacred moment of my life. His voice was like thunder. I felt as though my insides were on fire and the walls were shaking with power. amazing!!! Which says a lot because he is this cute little Japanese man who is so timid and soft spoken. 

He stayed a little bit after and kept whispering to me and Zuzu, "you're going to be just fine." "She is going to be just fine."

You see that day we had just found out Zuzu will need another heart surgery in the immediate future. Like a week, maybe. AND she may need a valve in her heart replaced. BUT her valve in around 8mm and the smallest they have is 15mm. So what are they going to do??? We don't know! They don't know! Zuzu needs to do a bunch more tests and hopefully one of the 30 surgeons and cardiologists can figure it out. 

Which is why it meant so much to me to have ran into Elder Kikuchi. Besides Elder Holland Elder  Kikuchi made one of the biggest impacts on my life. He is the one I would have recognized. He is the one i needed. Because of him I feel looked after, watched over and cared for. 

I'm so grateful that Elder Kikuchi listed to the spirit and came to P.C.H. to see Zuzu and calm my down trodden heavy heart.

And because of him I know no matter what Zuzu is going to be "just fine" 


Chelsea said...

Thanks for sharing this powerful story Ashley. We'll keep your family in our prayers!!! Much love from D.C.!

Kelli Livingston said...

I'm literally sobbing right now! Thank you for sharing such a sweet story with us. Your family remains in our prayers. Xoxo~Kelli (Ottesen) Livingston

Rhonna Farrer said...

Ahsley...I LOVE YOU & YOUR FAMILY! I'm praying, praying & what a tender mercy you were blessed with! Love Elder Kikuchi & so happy you had this experience. You are amazing. xoxox

Elee said...

I'm glad you were able to find a bit of happiness during this hard time. Elder Kikuchi must have listened & with faith, came by to the hospital. You guys are awesome parents. Stay strong, with love from MN!

Krista said...

My heart aches for you and Zuzu. I can't imagine how you feel, when just recently reading her story I find myself hurting and thinking it is so unfair for a precious child to have to endure such things. I am thankful that God chose you both to be her parents because heaven knows there are so many who would not love her and celebrate her like you do. I am also thankful that you share her story here. Know that I am praying for you all. I look forward to posts about a sweet, energetic, happy girl running around with her big sister, living life to the fullest with beaming parents looking on. Hang in there.

Melanie said...

What a precious experience. We love you all so much. Please let me know what I can do to help. Xoxo

Jilly Bean Jewelry said...

I randomly ran across your blog. I'm a volunteer at pch and you were leaving one night awhile ago at the sometime I was and we chatted as you left and we walked to our cars. You have been on my mind daily sense and I've always wondered about you. I'm so thankful to have found your blog. I felt your spirit the night I met you and wanted to see you again so badl, so I'm ecstatic to read your blog.
Jill Strasburg